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Ads and Ventures is a leading Lead Generation Agency that helps to fill your service pipeline with piping-hot leads and acquire more new, paying customers than you can possibly handle.

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You don’t want Facebook Ads or Google Ads…

you want more CUSTOMERS.

Most business owner struggle with the following:

Ad agencies are doing it all wrong

The truth is, you are not investing in another marketing agency to run some Facebook ads, Google ads, or YouTube ads for you. The ONLY reason you invest in marketing is to do one thing: get more new customers.

You can’t take ‘likes’ to the bank

Most ’agencies’ do it wrong! They focus on likes, impressions, clicks and traffic, but you can’t take those to the bank. We are an ROI and performance-driven agency that often turns $1 into $3, $4 or more.

Never-ending nightmare of trial and error

Most business owners try to figure everything out themselves and end up in a never-ending nightmare of trial and error that never leads to a scalable business. It's just a waste of time.

Frequent results of these problems are...

Filthy marketing gurus rip you off

You have heard it all... Marketing gurus that have sold you the world and, at best, delivered ... the moon?! Hipsters huddled around a whiteboard, discussing vegan cheese and thigh gaps and how many impressions your ad got…

Burned money & empty calendars

After spending thousands of dollars on marketing, your calendars are still empty like the hoover dam after a devastating decade of drought. Money is gone — no return on your investment in sight.

fire employees due to lack of work

Your team has grown, your capacities have expanded, and now you need to keep the flow of incoming enquiries consistent. Consequently, you may have to temporarily or permanently terminate your employees.

Systematically Generate New Customers on Autopilto

The solution to your Enquiry shortage

Build a well-oiled Customer Acquisition Machine that works like clockwork, even while you sleep.

Psychological prospecting strategy

Psychological strategies will capture your dream client's interest, make them raise their hands, and beg for more.

Laser-precise tracking & targeting

Captured once, prospects get tracked through innovative server-side tagging technologies and can be re-targeted across the internet.

Build eye-catching authority

You become the go-to authority by educating your prospects through eye-catching and problem-solving content.

Intelligent prospecting process

Automated pre-qualification guarantees a high closing rate because prospects will feel like they already know you.

Outstanding customer quality

Generate a waitlist of ready-to-buy customers and talk exclusively to preferred customers who meet your requirements.

The most rigorously tested and proven system to generate leads and sales on demand

We create comprehensive marketing campaigns and automated digital processes that fill your inbox with hot leads without lifting a finger. Here is how we do it:

1. We build your foundations on comprehensive competitor and customer research

First, we assess the terrain by gathering competitive intelligence and exposing the enemies' foundations. Then we get clear on the target by identifying your dream buyer; We seek and study individuals who crave your service and demand your solutions.

2. We create a research-backed, irresistible offer

Our seasoned direct-response copywriter writes a samurai-sword-sharp, high-converting sales copy that rubs salt into your enemies' wounds and offers your dream buyers the solutions to their hair-on-fire problems that keep them up at night. We create an 'irresistible' offer that makes it virtually impossible for your prospects NOT to throw their hard-earned money at you.

3. We build your high-converting Lead Generation Machine

A team of professional designers, web developers, and copywriters apply a stack of scientifically proven, psychologically persuasive strategies and techniques to build your Lead Generation Machine. We design, illustrate and code every element of your customer acquisition funnel.

4. We implement a stack of the latest technologies to improve conversion rates consistently

You cannot optimise what you cannot measure. Therefore, we implement the latest server-side tagging technologies, combined analytics tools and CRM software tailored to your business's goals. Furthermore, we make sure to squeeze the maximum out of every marketing dollar. As a result, we optimise scientifically and consistently towards hitting your targets.

5. We open the floodgates of highly-qualified traffic to your customer acquisition funnel

Laser-targeted digital ads, primarily on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google, with irresistible offers drive highly qualified prospects in "buy mode" to your new customer acquisition funnel. Then, your conversion-optimised landing page sucks in burning hot leads of prospects like a vacuum on steroids.

6. We nurture and drip-feed your prospects until they are ready to pull out their wallets

We drip-feed an automated flow of emails with helpful content to your clients that educates them about your service and sets their expectations right. You become the go-to authority in your field by nurturing high-value content.

7. We re-target to keep your real estate in your dream buyers' minds

Through our innovative server-side tagging system, we can re-target each prospect across the internet and keep your real estate in their minds until they have gathered all information they need to make a decision and book an appointment with you.

Your AdVantages

The proven Ads and Ventures AdVantage

No hacks. Only proven long-term strategies

A hack is a short-term tactic that loses its effectiveness over time. Instead, we provide you with long-term, sustainable, and scalable strategies that work regardless of changes to social media and advertising platforms.

Big brain energy. Stay ahead of the curve

Our team stays ahead of the curve so that you don't have to. We put all our learnings to work every day to make your brand successful. We spend thousands of dollars on courses, education, masterminds and conferences every year to deliver cutting-edge marketing advice you won't find anywhere else.

Truly full-stack service

Our job is to get you new leads on the front end and convert them to paying customers on the back end. What good is a flood of traffic if you can't convert it into leads, buyers, or new customers? As a result, we keep your conversion rates high and your customer acquisition costs (CAC) low.

You're our VIP with our partnerships

We're a Google Marketing Partner and a Meta Business Partner. This way, we assure you that we meet the highest standards required for these programs.

Entire customer journey covered across all digital channels

Facebook is only one part of a sophisticated customer journey. Reach them by being on all relevant channels with consistent messaging and eye-catching creatives. With Ads and Ventures, you have one expert team managing across all channels.

Get as many ideal-fit customers as you can possibly handle

No matter what changes come in the market, our job is to maximise your budget and get you as many ideal-fit customers as possible.

“Business owners don’t want Facebook Ads or Google Ads… Ultimately, they want new, paying customers on a predictable, reliable base to pay their bills and employees and grow their business. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are potential tools covering only the top of the customer acquisition funnel. The crucial part of customer acquisition happens after clicking on an ad. That’s where most business owners are left alone by ad agencies.”

Adrian Bluhmky, M.Sc.

Digital Customer Acquisition Expert

Case Studies

Pure Results. No Excuses.

2 new settings within 3 months!

Initial situation:

Unsuccessful use of other recruiting providers. Sporadic receipt of applications through recommendations from employees in the company.


To recruit at least 2 registered nurses to continue expansion plans. Build a regional employer brand via social media.

Results through the Ads and Ventures method:

2 hires of registered nurses from the region. Perception as an attractive company for nursing staff and potential new customers in the region.

5 new recruitments within 3 months!

Initial situation:

No applications from potential nursing staff and little experience in using social media to effectively recruit staff.


Recruit registered nurses to meet high client demand. Expanding the team for more flexibility in the duty roster.

Results through the Ads and Ventures method:

2 hires of registered nurses and 3 hires of nursing assistants from the region. In addition, an increased number of unsolicited applications due to the increase in regional awareness of the company.8

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Fill your calendar fast, more predictable and with better-qualified leads.

That is why you should use our system too.

Laser-precise dream customer acquisition

By partnering with Ads and Ventures, you benefit from scientific customer acquisition methods and a stack of ahead-of-the-curve technologies.

Battle-tested systems

Since 2016, we have been rigorously testing and regularly refining our strategy to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients, so our clients can focus on their business.

Predictable customer pipeline & Plannable expenditures

Through extensive data analytics, we know the unit economics of your business fast. As a result, we can predict how much you need to invest in generating the desired number of customers.

Meet The Expert

Adrian Bluhmky

M.Sc. International Business: Strategic Marketing

M.Bus. Integrated Marketing Communication


Adrian Bluhmky has earned his stripes in the trenches, at the forefront of digital marketing since 2016.

After years of running performance-based marketing campaigns for businesses around the globe and two Master’s degrees (Master of Science in International Business and Strategic Marketing & Master of Business in Integrated Marketing Communication) at two top-tier universities’ under his belt, he combines scientific knowledge and battle-tested hands-on experience. This sets him apart from all foundationless YouTube knowledge gurus who haven’t done their homework.

Adrian knows what it takes to develop successful, brutally effective strategies and implement them for his clients.

Adrian successfully helped the following brands:

Double Master at Leading Business Schools & Continuous Professional Development

Adrian Bluhmky portrait

The Team for Your Success

A seasoned team of diverse specialists, every single one an a-pax predator in their discipline

Adrian Bluhmky

Founder & Head of Digital Strategy

Milan Rauch

Head of Digital Marketing | Europe

Lina Machts

Senior Art Director Digital and Print Media

Adriana Schwandt

Technical SEO & Google Ads Specialist

Christian Feldmar

Web Designer & WP Developer

Jan Schmidt

Google Ads & Analytics Consultant

Keith Widelski

Copywriter & Marketing Strategy

Carlo Vidal

Social Media Marketing Manager

Miko Szydłowski

Email Marketing & Automation

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Unlike other marketing agencies, we put our money where our mouth is and make BIG guarantees. You can learn more about what guarantees we offer on our individual Digital Marketing Service pages, like the SEO Service, the Google Ads Service, and the Facebook Ads Service.
Customer acquisition is self-explanatory. Your business wouldn’t exist without customers. You cannot have a stable business if you don’t have consistent customers.
The goal of retention is to keep your existing customers instead of continually acquiring new ones. As little as a five per cent increase in retention can result in a 95 per cent increase in profits. Combining customer acquisition and retention is a surefire way to succeed.
Obtaining new customers has been referred to as a “startup killer” for a good reason. Retaining customers is much cheaper than acquiring them, but the two cannot be separated. So make sure you’re focusing on both.
In many businesses, this is handled by an individual or an entire department. However, it can be difficult for small businesses so outsourcing may be a better option.
To be profitable, you need to have a reasonable customer acquisition cost. Each type of business will have its own unique requirements. Most importantly, you don’t spend more money on acquiring a customer than you get paid from them in return. Don’t forget to factor in operating costs as well.
You can find this number by dividing the number of people who opted in by the number of people who saw your campaign.
Despite confusion about the difference, it’s simple: Lead generation is one of the early steps in customer acquisition. Before someone can buy anything from you, they first need to know about your business. This generally happens as a result of lead generation. For example, let’s say your business is running a Facebook ad to a landing page. Usually, it’s cold traffic (people who have never heard about you). They see your ad and click through to the landing page, where you offer a high-value content offer in exchange for their contact details. In case they are interested in your offer, they will opt-in to download that content and become a lead. Now they are no longer cold traffic. They became aware of your service offer and are now potential prospects. Through further re-targeting and education, these leads may become new customers after receiving all the information necessary to make an educated decision and enquire about your service. You become the go-to authority to this prospect because you are the one who educated them about the service. If they are now looking for a service provider, they will pick you over your competitors because you are the one who educated them. This education process combines content marketing, re-targeting and email sequences. At the end of this education process, the prospect feels ready to have a conversation with you because they know everything they need to know about you and the service. There are multiple steps in all customer acquisition funnel. Lead generation is simply one of the earlier steps.
Lead generation means leveraging different marketing channels in ways that will help you find new business opportunities in a chosen market. Finding innovative and creative ways to attract decision-makers and key business influencers will help your company generate new leads. Moreover, it would be best to show business executives how you could help them solve challenges they may face.
In today’s world, many different marketing channels are available to generate leads for your business. To attract prospects to your business and nurture their interest, combining inbound and outbound lead generation channels is often the best way to generate B2B leads.
introductions are important, relying on them alone may present real challenges if that is all you do to attract new clients. Investing in lead generation can significantly increase revenue and save your sales team time and resources from searching for prospects.

Lead generation is one of the most important investments a business can make. A successful lead generation strategy will be the foundation of your business development efforts. Therefore, every business must create a strategy for generating leads that build visibility, credibility, trust, and interest among a specific group of prospects (potential leads).

For a business to succeed, developing a lead generation system is essential. Lead generation starts with understanding how many new customers your company needs each year to stay in business. Then, calculate how many leads you need to maintain a consistent business or grow further. The calculation must consider your sales team’s abilities, closing rates, and sales cycle.

Lead generation is the most effective way to increase your company’s revenue. With leads, your sales team will reach their targets, making it easier for your business to compete. In addition, maximising lead generation will allow you to connect with new prospects outside your existing customers and business network
In B2B industries, lead generation specialists are responsible for acquiring and evaluating new leads for companies. In most cases, a good lead generation expert will have worked across several B2B industries over many years. With experience in a lead generation role, they will understand how to generate leads to meet the client’s specific requirements.
The lead generation process combines marketing and sales. Marketing lead generation focuses solely on generating new business enquiries for a company’s sales team. The sales team’s job is to get in touch and convert these leads to paying customers. Budget-wise, lead generation generally falls under marketing. However, since the sales department is responsible for converting most leads, the sales team is essential to the lead generation process.
Almost every successful business relies heavily on lead generation. It would be best if you targeted prospects at different demographic and locations to gain valuable insight into their needs and preferences. Based on your target audience’s feedback, you can tailor solutions specifically suited to that audience and remain relevant and focused.
Many businesses use inbound lead generation to find prospects or companies interested in their products or services. Inbound channels include paid ads on search engines like Google and Microsoft and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Inbound marketing relies on people inquiring about your services.
Outbound lead generation involves actively approaching a specific target group, using various strategies, channels, and tactics to gain attention. A successful outbound lead generation process can help companies grow exponentially, which is one of the main reasons outbound lead generation is so popular.

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