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There are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook every day. Your competitors are snatching up your potential customers every second you aren't advertising on Facebook! We can guide and grow your business through Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

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The fastest way to positive ROI.

A Facebook ad campaign can lead to an immediate, meaningful growth for new and established businesses when done correctly. With Facebook’s ultra-specific targeting, your ads are shown only to people who are likely to convert and buy from you, reducing wasted ad spending and total advertising costs. We can maximize your conversions and minimise your spend with creatives that convert and campaign strategies that minimise your ad dollars.

Grow your brand with Facebook Ads

Wanting to build demand for your brand? Facebook advertising is all about getting your offer in front of the people who need you, and you want to do business with.

It’s about crafting the right message, choosing the right graphics, and creating the right audience goals so that you become synonymous with the product.

It’s about getting people to remember who you are, and how you help. Customer stressing out about what to buy their outdoors-loving husband for his birthday? No problem! You can solve that problem – they have seen your stand up paddleboards in their newsfeed.

Did you know that Facebook advertising services can dramatically improve your organic brand name searches?

Familiar faces (or familiar Facebook ads) become recognisable brands. Brands that customers get to know, like and trust, so next time Bob needs a builder, he doesn’t search “builder near me”, he searches your business name directly. What a win!

Increase sales with our Facebook Marketing agency

It’s about playing to our collective strengths.

When you engage with our Facebook marketing agency, you are choosing people who are passionate about getting you results, and ultimately, sales of your products and services.

Just like business owners invest time in creating their products and keeping up to date, we spend time keeping up with industry trends and keeping up to speed with what works in our Facebook advertising strategies.

Facebook algorithms change, so choosing a professional team who is across what is happening on the tech side, and understands the role of ad creative, makes sense.

Incorporating graphic design services with data, we analyse how each creative element performs in achieving your end goal.

Using split testing, we track and tweak ad creatives to find the most successful combination … similar to how a coach works with an athletic team, making small incremental changes for the win.

Generate high-quality leads with our Facebook Advertising services

Let’s face it. Whether your customer is in Zürich or Fiji, no one likes boring ad copy on their Facebook feed.

You might be thinking, “I want to hit the Facebook sweet spot, and I want a return on my spend”

Our Facebook ad management services are designed to help achieve customer-related goals. From building brand awareness through to buyers at the checkout, our role is to help you get a frustration-free sales funnel happening.


We take what you know about where you want to do business, who you want to do business with, add the needed creative content, and get customer eyes on your prize so they are…

Compelled to click.

If you’re looking to partner with a Facebook advertising agency that is across algorithm changes and loves crafting Facebook ads that work at keeping your targeted audience engaged, we’re here to help.

Sell more products online with proven Facebook campaigns

Sometimes a customer is just not ready to make the purchase. At the consideration stage, people can be busy googling away or seeking recommendations from friends on Facebook.

With the help of a Facebook marketing agency, we can get your products back in the eye line and the buy line on the Facebook feed thanks to dynamic retargeting.

For example, if a customer bought a yoga mat, from your Facebook catalogue, but abandoned the yoga pants at checkout, a dynamic ad can put those hot yoga pants back on their Facebook feed to remind the customer.

If Facebook users head straight to your website, a Facebook pixel can track who is checking out your products, and what actions they take. This data is then used to retarget those customers.

With a little advertising magic, we remind your ideal customers just how amazing your products are.

How do I sell my Shopify products in Facebook?

Integrations between Shopify and Facebook can make your sales process stress free, and unlock some powerful features and benefits for you and your customers.

Whether you work from a drop-ship model or own a big or small business that is a mix of bricks and mortar and digital, we know that Shopify is a trusted platform by over one million merchants worldwide.

Combining Facebook and Shopify means that you can access the features of the Facebook Shop on your page, allowing customers to buy without leaving their feed.

This not only allows the order to be sent directly to your Shopify store but also enables customers to engage with you directly via Facebook messenger, allows customers to see their purchasing history in Facebook.

Combine this with Dynamic Facebook advertising campaigns, and the power of a Facebook Shop, your Shopify store can easily become the favourite place for your customer to visit, 24/7.

Have some questions?

We have the answers

Visually, they look the same. Their creation is different. Standard ads are created with copy and images that you choose. Dynamic Facebook ads automatically draw on images of products and shop inventory, and display those items to potential customers on Facebook who have shown interest through their browsing behaviour.

Yes, and we can manage it for you! With Facebook business manager set up for your Facebook business page, we can handle the creation of ad campaigns and the uploading of any creative assets for you. As the administrator and owner of your page, you control permissions and access.

Ad choice is dependent on the specific targeting options we are deploying for your customers. From standard ads that create brand awareness through to dynamic Facebook ads that automatically recommend products to the curious clickers, we know there is no one size fits all and your customers need a relationship.

Facebook ad campaigns use reach and frequency to help you set your budget. Depending on your goals for your customers, you may wish to invest more or less for a specific timeframe. The beauty of a Facebook ad budget is that you will never go over the limit you set.

Our Facebook management services have no lock-in contracts and are customised to match your customer goals. When you work with our team, all packages include access to our in house graphic design team, the correct set up of Facebook pixels, and clear reporting that measures your success.

A Facebook pixel is a piece of code placed on your website or sales pages that tracks the events of potential and existing customers who visit your site. This data helps build an audience, and even a custom lookalike audience so you reach the right people with the right information.

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