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Build your own automated Inhouse Recruiting-System and generate applicants on demand.

Ads and Ventures helps to receive qualified applications for open positions every week and leaves the issue of “skills shortage” to your competitors.

Through our recruiting system...

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Do you know the following problems
with staff recruitment?

Most business owner struggle with:

Oversupply on job portals

You are one of many companies that try to receive new applications for open positions via job portals. Unfortunately, you are in direct competition with other companies and therefore receive very few applications.

Unqualified applications

In your attempts to receive new applications, you notice that there are not enough skilled workers on the market who are actively looking for a new employer. This is particularly noticeable in the form of unqualified applications.

Permanently hoping for recommendations

Ideas for recruiting staff through commissions from existing staff don't really hit home either, especially since the ability to plan through referrals leaves a lot to be desired. As a rule, you receive applications exactly when there is no vacancy.

Frequent results of these problems are...

overloading your own team

Understaffing in your team leads to overwork, and you regularly have to step in or patch up holes in the roster. Long-term capacity shortages are becoming more and more common, as are dismissals.

Rejection of new customer enquiries

Despite the problems in the area of staff recruitment, you regularly receive enquiries from new customers. Unfortunately, without more employees, you lack the capacity to accept them, and in the long run, your growth suffers greatly.

Competitive disadvantage in the region

Without a strategy for actively approaching personnel in the region who are willing to change jobs, you lack the necessary publicity to receive applications on a permanent basis. In the long term, attracting qualified staff will become increasingly difficult.

Build your own automated Inhouse Recruiting-System

Generate applicants for open roles on demand

Receive regular applications from suitable personnel from your region.

Arrow precise targeting

Innovative technologies allow you to address your desired target group regionally.

Eye-catching presence

Visually and content-wise, convincing job offers to ensure high application rates.

Intelligent application process

Intuitive processes guarantee a high completion rate and automatic pre-qualification.

Outstanding quality

Talk exclusively to preferred candidates who meet your requirements.

The proven system to generate applications for open roles on demand

The Ads and Ventures Method

Why does the Ads and Ventures method work better than traditional recruiting strategies?



We position your company as an attractive employer in your region, so that potential employees become aware of you.



We implement smart marketing strategies that will make your business visible on various user channels.



 We identify personnel who are willing to change and address employees where they are on a daily basis.


Digital Application

Sending application documents by mail was yesterday! We create a digital application process specifically for your company.

Your AdVantages

The proven Ads and Ventures advantages

Plannable applications

Based on the advertising budget used, we can forecast how many applications you will receive per month.

Qualified personnel

With the help of our intelligent application process, we filter out the applications that are right for you.

Proven system

You receive a recruiting system that is constantly refined and demonstrably delivers results.

Personal contact person

Thanks to a dedicated contact person, you will always enjoy maximum availability.

Passive applicants

In addition to active applications, our approach gives you exclusive access to personnel willing to change jobs.

Employer brand

With greatly increased digital visibility, your business will become even better known regionally for sustainable growth.

“Nowadays, application processes have to be attractive in order to work and continuously generate new applications for your open roles, when you need them.”

Milan Rauch, M.Sc.

Expert in Generating Qualified Applicants – on Autopilot.

Case Studies

Pure Results. No Excuses.

2 new settings within 3 months!

Initial situation:

Unsuccessful use of other recruiting providers. Sporadic receipt of applications through recommendations from employees in the company.


To recruit at least 2 registered nurses to continue expansion plans. Build a regional employer brand via social media.

Results through the Ads and Ventures method:

2 hires of registered nurses from the region. Perception as an attractive company for nursing staff and potential new customers in the region.

5 new recruitments within 3 months!

Initial situation:

No applications from potential nursing staff and little experience in using social media to recruit staff effectively.


Recruit registered nurses to meet high client demand. Expanding the team for more flexibility in the duty roster.

Results through the Ads and Ventures method:

2 hires of registered nurses and 3 hires of nursing assistants from the region. In addition, an increased number of unsolicited applications due to the increase in regional awareness of the company.

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Fill open positions fast, more predictable, with better qualified personnel.

That is why you should use our system too.

Laser-precise dream employee targeting

By using the Ads and Ventures method, you benefit from state-of-the-art marketing software and address your dream candidate exactly when a career change is due.

Battle-tested system also in your region

Since 2020, we have been regularly refining our strategy and adapting it to our clients nationwide. This allows you to focus fully on the job interviews.

Plannable expenditure of your advertising budget

Thanks to data-related evaluation of your campaigns, we know at all times which approaches are working and thus avoid unnecessary wastage, which is often the case with other advertising media.

Meet The Expert

Milan Rauch

M.Sc. Digital Marketing


Nowadays, application processes have to be attractive in order to work and continuously generate new applications. With our innovative, skilled worker solution, we successfully fill 93% of all our clients’ vacancies and do so on a long-term basis with regional staff.

With over 300 applications generated in the last 6 months, we are one of the leading experts in the field of employee recruitment for care. Our recruiting measures are proven to work.

Milan successfully helped the following brands:

B.Sc. & M.Sc. at Leading Business Schools:

The Team for Your Success

A seasoned team of diverse specialists,
 every single one an a-pax predator in their discipline.

Adrian Bluhmky

Founder & Head of Digital Strategy

Milan Rauch

Head of Digital Marketing | Europe

Lina Machts

Senior Art Director Digital and Print Media

Adriana Schwandt

Technical SEO & Google Ads Specialist

Christian Feldmar

Web Designer & WP Developer

Jan Schmidt

Google Ads & Analytics Consultant

Keith Widelski

Copywriter & Marketing Strategy

Carlo Vidal

Social Media Marketing Manager

Miko Szydłowski

Email Marketing & Automation

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Yes, the strategy conversation is 100% free of charge and without obligation. The only investment is a free appointment in your calendar.

From experience, the first candidates can often be presented after 10 – 14 days. Typically, a vacant position is filled within 4-6 weeks.

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